Starbucks and Toni-ann

 So on Friday before I went to work I met up with one of my favorite people. I went to UF with Toni-ann and she is an AMAZING journalist. Did I mention that she is the managing editor for Worthy magazine? She is just too much and she is destined for great things. I had to snap a few pics of her when we met up at Starbucks. Her bag was to die for and she totally got it out of her mom's closet. I am telling you, every girl should check their mom's closet before they buy anything.  

Hope you like XOXO

Jonesing in The Worst Way..American Apparel Carry All Pouch

I have no other way to explain it. I want it!!! 

I am totally giving in. I need discipline ya'll. Honest opinion, is this a smart purchase? What color should I get?  These pics are from the American Apparel Site. 
Do you feel my pain? XOXO

Remembered Forever

It is a rare achievement to be able to immortalize yourself in your work and that is what Steve Jobs achieved. We often find that the individuals who achieve that start with the most noble intentions. A man who was full of ideas that he just wanted to get out of his head and he gave the world: Pixar, the iPad, iPod and iMac. His advice breathes life into a generation touched by his work.

"Have the courage to follow your gut and intuition. They already know what you want to become.  Everything else is secondary"   - Steve Jobs

My article on Miami Fashion Blog

I recently did an article for Miami Fashion blog. I am freelancing for the amazing site. I hope you can check it out. Thanks
Read it here