Fashion Diary: My favorite purse and a few guests

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my favorite purse that was made from a cigar box. Different and maybe a little weird but I love it. The ring I got a while back in the fall from For Love 21. The earrings are new and they came from Forever 21.
 Hope you like.


Love the look and Jones Magazine

You may not agree with me and I understand. However, I love this look. I saw it on Jones Magazine's Web site. This is just another reason why I love them. I really hope you like it. I think what makes the outfit for me is the nude color shoes and the adorable skirt. :)

Model Featured In Three Fashion Shows During Fashion Week.....

 So I came across this today when I was looking for some things to discuss with you guys. I hope you find this interesting. So this beautiful lady in the pictures above is only 15 years old. There was an age requirement implemented for all the fashion shows for Fashion Week, which was 16. Her name is Hailey Clauson. She will be 16 next month She was featured in three fashion shows despite the age requirement. She was in DKNY, Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg. 

Here is an excerpt from the article that I found.

"But the fact that Ms von Furstenberg is President of the CFDA makes it even more remarkable that such a young girl appeared in her show.
 'One of the guidelines, as you know, is not
to hire models under 16 in addition to making sure that all of them are properly fed.'Well, it is to my horror that I discovered last Friday that in spite of me repeating that to my production and casting people, one girl slipped through the cracks. One girl who will be 16 in March walked my show last week!
'I was horrified and terribly embarrassed. From now on I will instruct my casting people to demand IDs. I encourage you to do the same.
'Please accept my apology. I am trying to be a good leader and set an example … so please please accept my apology.'

What do you think? She is very pretty. 


OMG Beyonce

Howdy again folks,
So I have a new find the site is called Beauty is Diverse and I found out about it on, you guessed it Fashion Bomb Daily. There has been some controversy (very bad word in journalism) about the photos from this spread. Beyonce was accused of doing black face for this photo shoot. What do you think? Is it black face? Is it offensive?

Black face was a very offensive genre to the black community at one point. Historically it was often practiced by people who were not of African American decent for performances. I think the pictures are beautiful and I really love the cover.

Just a thought,

Harper's Bazaar UK Shingai Shoniwa

                                                                         Photo Link


Fashion Diary: Day of Whimsy

So I was hanging out with my friend Herisa (the boss) at my place and being equally into photos we decided to take pictures. I am still not very photogenic but I had fun.  I hope to get better.I love the meditation area at my place. Hope your week is getting off to a good start. I am not looking forward to my week.

Dress from Love Culture. Go to necklace-Nordstrom, Shoes gifted, Earrings gifted from Herisa.


Checking In......

                                                                      New Years?
Howdy folks,
So I thought I would check in today. I am super swamped with school and planning for my future (prayers are always welcome.) So I am looking over all the lists that I have made and I am noticing that I am doing somewhat decent on my resolutions list. How are you guys doing on yours?
 There is one that I am failing at miserably (I can't lie to you.) I am not learning a new recipe every day. I am working out. I am working slowly to become a runner. I have changed up the hair regimen but it is still being fine tuned. There is room for improvement. My spirituality is becoming stronger (believe in something- I won't preach) but nourishing your spirit is super important so do what you got to do. I have my ways. Find yours :)

I am not writing my novel the way that I like. I let people read it and I think I am letting people have too much input. Thoughts? Should I just write it? Or should I just write it for me and hope people will like it? I am not sure folks. But I am writing to encourage you. I have fallen short on a few things. We always do but everyone falls short. So just get back up and keep pushing towards your goals. That is what I am doing. How are you?

Talk to you soon.


New Post Fresh Xpress - Top TV Couples

I have a new post up on Fresh Xpress. It is about the best black TV couples. It is a quick fun read. I hope you can stop by and check it out. 
I love the dialogue that takes place on Fresh Xpress. I hope you like it there as well.

Stop by

Fashion Diary: My Valentine's Day

 So my Valentine's day was AMAZING for the first time. I went out to dinner with my friends. That took a lot of work. We didn't make reservations anywhere so it was darn near impossible to find a place to eat. So the other folks you see in my blog are Herisa and Jay. I generally don't support Valentine's day. The main reason I don't really like it is because it is a holiday that promotes buying stuff for people and it is usually something cheap. Like the ideal gift is chocolate. Call me spoiled and I will answer but I like chocolate almost every day.  I have never had anyone make the day special for me. The few times I was actually seeing someone the day was always a disaster. So this is one of the few times I had fun!!!! Hope you had a great day!!  

I really liked the way my shirt photographed that night :)

                   This is the exact same dish that I had but it lacked the pretty flower. I hadn't eaten all day so I didn't care.

Moment for life - An obsession

Nicki Minaj - New Music - More Music Videos

Love love the fashion in this video. Shoes boss!!! Headdress Boss!! Enjoy :)


Why I love Jones Magazine

I am a brooch girl. Always have been- use to get picked on for it!!! I am obsessed with Jones magazine and while making my daily Facebook rounds, I saw this post. I tell you no lie, my heart skipped a beat and my day got a lot better when I came across this post. The designer's name is Marc Clark the line is called Marcc and he has experienced a substantial amount of growth in the two years he has been out. This is a realistic addition to my wish list- guess I am going for broke lol. But this has to be a part of my collection. So once I have it, I will let you guys know :)

                                                      Photo from Jones Web site
                                                     Photo from Jones magazine
                                                      Found this at Clutch magazine online
  I love this shirt too. I see the little Kardashian doing it big. She is all over the Web site.
Click on the links in the post and check out Jones and Marcc :) It will make your day better!!

What I need in my life!!

This is what I need in my life!! Mulberry Daria 13" MacBook sleeve!!!
 Is this obsessive? Maybe but that is ok. This is like the legit Mulberry. It makes me smile.

This is one of Mulberry bags. However this is the Mulberry bag for Target. It was a great Christmas present. Sorry for the book and the Mac being in the picture!!


Brandy in Kontrol

I love Brandy. I have been a fan ever since I can remember. Her beauty is debatable and that is the only way it can ever be. EVERYTHING is so subjective. I think that she is Gorgeous. I don't really care what other people try to say.

I am super excited to see her on the cover of Kontrol magazine for the winter issue. I love the lighting. My only complaint is that I think she is so beautiful that she doesn't need such a drastic amount of colorful eye makeup. Thoughts?

Hope you like as much as I do,