Fashion Diary: Day of Whimsy

So I was hanging out with my friend Herisa (the boss) at my place and being equally into photos we decided to take pictures. I am still not very photogenic but I had fun.  I hope to get better.I love the meditation area at my place. Hope your week is getting off to a good start. I am not looking forward to my week.

Dress from Love Culture. Go to necklace-Nordstrom, Shoes gifted, Earrings gifted from Herisa.



Mbabazi said...

simple and pretty

Muuahhh! said...

I love the dress. I am so read for spring. Tired of this annoying cold weather. very cute ! Muuahhh!

W. L. Johnson said...

Elegantly simple... i approve

DaBlackSjp said...


Prissy said...

That dreess is adorable and the trench is a must-have!!


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