Why I love Jones Magazine

I am a brooch girl. Always have been- use to get picked on for it!!! I am obsessed with Jones magazine and while making my daily Facebook rounds, I saw this post. I tell you no lie, my heart skipped a beat and my day got a lot better when I came across this post. The designer's name is Marc Clark the line is called Marcc and he has experienced a substantial amount of growth in the two years he has been out. This is a realistic addition to my wish list- guess I am going for broke lol. But this has to be a part of my collection. So once I have it, I will let you guys know :)

                                                      Photo from Jones Web site
                                                     Photo from Jones magazine
                                                      Found this at Clutch magazine online
  I love this shirt too. I see the little Kardashian doing it big. She is all over the Web site.
Click on the links in the post and check out Jones and Marcc :) It will make your day better!!


Angelica Ng said...

These bow ties are so cute! I don't think I would wear one, but they sure can dress up a plain (or not so plain, in Rihanna's case!) t-shirt. The HAUTE t-shirt is cool too!


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