Expose.... Shoe Game 101

So I have a slight addiction to shopping well purses really and shoes. What I find interesting is that in high school I use to be the main chick in high heeled boots and now since I have been in college I have been reduced to flat however still stylish shoes. I do still however have a unique addiction to buying high heeled shoes. I only get to wear them out to dinner on the rare occasion that I decide to get dressed up. This is my latest find courtesy of TheBudgetBabe.com

These Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi 120 Boots retail for $1,197 at mytheresa.com.

Get it for less

Get the look for less with the Criss Cross Suedette Boot instead, $32.80 at forever21.com.

The Year 2010


Is it me or does the end of the semester mark the beginning of all new things to come? Well in my mind it does. The end of the semester mixed with the a new year that is approaching is the ideal formula for a much needed transformation. It all forces me to look back at my semester much more critically. What I have learned thus far from my year in review is that I am getting older. It is time to pamper myself and take responsibility for my future and fashion plays a huge role in that. I think that it is important that in all things that we do, that we clearly reflect who we are. Everything from how we carry ourselves to the style of dress can convey how we are feeling, how we see ourselves and more importantly how well we take care of ourselves. In this year alone I have experienced what it is like to allow stress to govern your schedule and your actions and your thoughts. Once stress has a foothold in your life fear is afforded a much tighter grasp on your life and that can drastically effect your health. I experienced that for the vast majority of this semester. So if there is one piece of advice that I can offer to anyone for the year 2010 it is to take care of yourself. Pray ALOT , tell your family you love them and indulge yourself this year and every other year to come. Here is a peak at a few things that I am jonesing for this upcoming year.  The two pictures of figurines can be found at Charlotte Rousse.  



Pictures can also be found at thebudgetbabe.com


It is coming......

It is coming........ New Moon

I am happy once again. I get to go to my happy place where vampires are nice and just want to cuddle and watch you sleep at night. And really hot guys get significantly hotter right before your eyes. Time to go to a place where the impossible is possible and love takes you on wild adventure literally in New Moon fans are going to go on mini tour of the world all the way to Rome actually. To say that I am excited would be putting lightly. I am dragging who ever I know out with me. I wonder if everyone is as excited as me? Rhetorical questions folks everyone is as excited as me. If you are not excited and we are friends then I say this in the kindest way possible; you have the mind of a        “gerbil” <---(you must purse the lips as you say this) and I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you can not fathom the awesomeness of me first and then this wonderful movie. I hope I get to see people there. Part of me wishes this was like Harry Potter and I could see people dress up like their favorite character. Who knows maybe I will get lucky and someone will show up with a terrible mock wig like the one Bella wears. Or if I am really lucky it will be really cold and some tanned guys will show up with no shirts on. I am sorry, in terms of wardrobe that is all that stood out to me. But I can’t wait. I would go to the midnight showing but it is sold out, and I am sad. But I think it is for the best. I fear only the kiddies are out to see the film and being that my crush is Jacob (yeah I said it team Jacob) I feel bad looking at his young behind to begin with. Essentially it is wrong to look at any of the cast they are playing high schoolers but it isn’t a crime to look. That sounded sooooooooooo reminiscent of Lolita but I promise I don’t like the kiddies like that. New Moon be there or else you will be a loser that doesn’t read. 

Is Fashion Really Evolving?

R.I.P Naomi Sims The First Black Super Model

Fashion is always evolving or repeating itself for that matter. So the question arises in an industry where the old (excluding the models of course) always becomes new, can the outlook on “ethnic” models ever change? The age- old, not so secret belief that black models do not sell magazines has always served as the reason as to why most models on the covers of magazines do not look like me. '

But how acceptable is that really? In an industry that thrives on change (one season you are in the next you are out) how fair is it that there is really only on accepted protocol ( No minorities allowed)

The notion that black covers do not sell brings up another issue. Perhaps minorities don't purchase magazines because we are not found on them.

The fashion industry has the ability to alter the perception of beauty. This is the same industry that has made tall and awkward a compliment and yet what sticks out like a sore thumb are the minorities.

There are people with-in the fashion industry that do not agree with this. Including photographer Nick Knight, according to blog/fashiontime.com.
The leading British photographer Nick Knight says: "The fashion industry and the advertising industry are steeped in racism. You just have to look around at the number of black girls you see in ads – virtually nil. Among the main fashion brands, they are completely under-represented. It's shocking and atrocious." Mr Knight blames business people at the top of the industry. A common attitude among them, he says, is that black models are "not aspirational" or "don't sell in Asia". He goes on: "I have tried to redress the balance. It is enormously important to use black models and models of different ethnic backgrounds.

Knight has even gone as far as making a video that addresses this issue while the video may be older now is still germane to what is going on continuously.

While it is not glamorized as much, black is beautiful, and it starts with US appreciating our own beauty in all shades in all shapes and sizes. If you have an interest in fashion and photography make sure that you capture the beauty of ALL people.

As time presses on it is becoming abundantly clear that the change will not happen in the fashion industry it must come to the fashion industry.

A New Obsession

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then shoes must be the fairy godmother that makes everything seem magical. There are a few wonderful shoes that I had to spotlight. I first heard about this shoe designer through clutch online magazine and I fell in love. While I may end up giving in and buying a pair. My guiltiest pleasure is seeing what type of shoes are in style and buying them for much less, (more about that coming soon).

The verdict is in for the must have shoes for the fall. I want, I need these shoes or something similar. The shoes are from the the enchanting Nicholas Kirkwood


It's not FAIR............ How can we choose?

Michelle Obama has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy for a while now. Vanity Fair has featured a show off between the two fashion icons. However, I must admit that it is really hard for me to choose between the two. I think that it all boils down to your preference. Both women have a fashion sense that is timeless. However, I think that Jacqueline was a head of her time. With that said I am so team Michelle that it could be a problem. I love the strength that her clothing exudes. She has the right to bear arms she embraces diversity, she is not afraid of color and most importantly she is not label driven. She wears clothing that is accessible to people. She has gotten some flack about wearing unknown designers but I love it. The person makes the clothing not the other way around. So what is in a name?


Vanity Fair