It's not FAIR............ How can we choose?

Michelle Obama has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy for a while now. Vanity Fair has featured a show off between the two fashion icons. However, I must admit that it is really hard for me to choose between the two. I think that it all boils down to your preference. Both women have a fashion sense that is timeless. However, I think that Jacqueline was a head of her time. With that said I am so team Michelle that it could be a problem. I love the strength that her clothing exudes. She has the right to bear arms she embraces diversity, she is not afraid of color and most importantly she is not label driven. She wears clothing that is accessible to people. She has gotten some flack about wearing unknown designers but I love it. The person makes the clothing not the other way around. So what is in a name?

Vanity Fair


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