Worthy Magazine's Beauty Issue

The latest issue of Worthy Magazine is out!!! Please be sure to check it out.

Gridiron Grill Cookoff

My amazing friend and fellow magazine editor Jenn Tormo was the only female judge for this years Gridiron Grill Cookoff.  Many thanks again Jenn for the awesome experience. 
Calvary Church had one of my favorite dishes for the day. Briskett with a Coco Cola glaze served in a mini waffle cone. It was insanely yummy.

Scallop Slider anyone? Yes!

I Wanna Be Down

I had to use the first video that showed up of this performance. This 20th anniversary performance of "I want to be down," Remix made my day. It was just inspiring to see a group of women who displayed their talent and not gimmicks. Even though I enjoy my fill of it all. I loved YOYO and MC LYTE but something happened to me when Brandy walked out and I died when Queen Latifah came out rapping what has always been my favorite verse in the remix.

Editor Faves

Just checking in. I am getting ready to be on deadline and it is always easy around that time to get a little mad. So in an effort to stay sane, I envoking the power of my little blog. In the days to come you might find that it will be packed with random rants and images. Fun right?

If I haven't mentioned it the next issue of the magazine will be the Beauty Issue. Make sure you keep up with updates about the issue because I will even be hosting a giveaway on the magazine's site.

So here are a few things that are keeping me sane. Hope you check that you like them.