Fashion Diary: Labor of Love- Worthy Magazine

This is a shirt is the creation of Sewing Day with me and my mom!! I love the pattern and the embellishments that she added around the neck. 

Sooooooo!!!! I haven't gotten any better at the posting, but the magazine is advancing. We are getting closer to having a full staff. I have a fashion director, beauty director and now a managing editor to add the team. I already had an executive editor and an art director and a few people contributing. So, yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy for people. I am really surprised at the kind words I have gotten about the magazine. Thank you!!!!!!! It means the world. This is my first time trying out layout, but I love magazines and having one of my own has always been a dream. If you are reading this, thank you for joining me on my journey.

PS: We are working on a t-shirt line for the magazine. This is the first of a few. It is a sample. I hope you guys like, and I hope you guys will support. I have been told that this magazine will be a tough sale because of the message I am conveying. Worthy is going be a magazine that celebrates all women of every ethnic background. The mission of the magazine is to tell readers that you are worthy and capable of anything. Each issue will have someone who readers can relate to and admire. I hope it can grow into featuring all types of people and celebrities but I am already hearing that it will be a fight.

I feel like the standard of beauty is expanding and I wanted to create a solid platform for that transition. I think that bloggers play a huge role in exposing the world to a wider spectrum of beauty. So the next phase of the magazine will be calling on bloggers!!! I hope you guys answer. Sorry to be so obscure, but I will share more very soon, I promise.

This day has been long- taking care of stuff for my new job- running errands come home get back to work on Worthy. But it is a labor of love.

Have a good weekend

Jonesing: Empress

Necole Bitchie  

Happy Monday,
I know I said I would get better with my consistency, but I have been working on the layout for the September issue of Worthy. I will resume consistent blogging soon.  I am sure you have already heard the news, but I couldn't resist putting my sentiments out into the universe. So it seems like I am always on a constant journey for the ideal perfume. Very few perfumes have actually made the list. Matter of fact, up until this point there were only three perfumes on my list. Insert Empress, from Sean John, to the top of my list. The perfume is the counterpart to the award-winning I Am King fragrance. Everything from the message of the fragrance to the Empress spokeswoman just speaks to me. "She is more powerful than a king. She is EMPRESS" Love it!! I want, I need!! Will you be making Empress apart of your collection? Hope you like 

Fashion Diary: Simply TGIF

Happy Friday!!! I hope all is well. So my goal, for myself, has been to feel confident in a plain white shirt, and I think it happened today. I will be buying more of these. :)

I am still working on Worthy! Trying to be official. So my blog and even the site got a little neglected this week. This weekend however, will be me in overdrive for Worthy, Miami Fashion Blog, Jaye magazine and Ju'lia Catherine. So while my weekend is already determined, I hope you enjoy yours.

Jeans: Calvin Klein (Old pair), Hanes Men Shirt, Necklace: Forever 21, Pearls: My mommy's closet, Ring: Miami Boutique,Watch: Nordstroms(Very old) Purple pearls and blue wooden bracelets: Gifted, Shoes: Gifted, J Charm Bracelet from high school: gifted.

Hope you like and I will be checking back in soon.

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Blogger Spotlight: I love That Good Good Blog

I have been missing for like a week. I am sorry!!! Please forgive me. I have been working on Worthy magazine a lot lately. That is no excuse. I will have to do better. So I figured, I should start of with a bang!! So a while back, I scored an amazing interview with an amazing blogger.  I just stumbled upon it one day, and I haven't been able to leave it alone. One visit to That GOOD GOOD Blog and you will understand why. This blog gives you a fix of almost everything. There is fashion, photography and music to name a few. In all honesty, I can not do this amazing blog any justice. Check out my interview with Dee O. of That GOOD GOOD Blog
How old are you?  I am 20 years old

What is your occupation? I am a full-time student at Penn State University. I will actually be entering my 3rd year of school this fall.

What made you start your blog? Originally, the blog was a product of summer vacation boredom. However, it has transformed from something I did simply to occupy my time into my passion. I now realize that the true reason I started blogging was not for myself, but for others. Having this unique opportunity to share the people, places, sights, and sounds that inspire me with over 1,000 people is nothing short of a blessing. I'm really thankful for this opportunity.

What do you enjoy blogging about the most? What I enjoy the most is definitely getting to connect with so many different kinds of people at once. It's such a powerful experience. I never realized how much power words have until I started this blog.

What has been your favorite post so far? Hmm...this is a really good question! I have too many favorites to choose from, to be completely honest. I really love them all. But I will leave you with 3 of the ones I enjoyed putting together the most: the "People You Should Know" feature of Azede Jean-Pierre because Azede is one of my favorite people on this planet, the Africans In Music post I did last year because I feel it exposed a lot of people to the talent that my people possess, and A Look Through My Lens, Part 1 because it was the first installment of what has become perhaps my favorite series on my blog.

Where do you draw inspiration from? I draw inspiration from everywhere and everything! I find it in the music I listen to. I find it in the people I come across. I find it in the books I read. I find it in the life I live. Inspiration is everywhere; one just has to open oneselves up and allow themselves to be engulfed by it. 

Who is your style icon? I've got too much love for Solange Knowles & Oroma Elewa. The way these 2 women dress is nothing short of awe-inspiring. 
Describe your style in one wordSimple

Name one item you can’t live without and explain whyMy glasses because my eyesight is positively terrible.

What item are you Jonesing for? I really want a gorgeous vintage leather backpack. Been searching for years but, so far, no luck. 

Describe your favorite ensembleFirst and foremost, it has to be comfortable. What's the point in wearing something if you don't feel right in it? I realize most people don't exactly feel this way but I am not ashamed to say that I dress for comfort. I wear my emotions so readily on my face so if I'm not comfortable, it's going to show. Secondly, I hate summer. It is during the fall that I thrive so my favorite ensemble definitely involves one of my grossly oversized knit snood scarves, a baggy sweater, my favorite khaki dress coat, some tights under knee high socks, and my trusty brown leather ankle boots. 

Make sure you stop by That GOOD GOOD Blog  

Big thanks to Dee O. And I hope you all like :)