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Necole Bitchie  

Happy Monday,
I know I said I would get better with my consistency, but I have been working on the layout for the September issue of Worthy. I will resume consistent blogging soon.  I am sure you have already heard the news, but I couldn't resist putting my sentiments out into the universe. So it seems like I am always on a constant journey for the ideal perfume. Very few perfumes have actually made the list. Matter of fact, up until this point there were only three perfumes on my list. Insert Empress, from Sean John, to the top of my list. The perfume is the counterpart to the award-winning I Am King fragrance. Everything from the message of the fragrance to the Empress spokeswoman just speaks to me. "She is more powerful than a king. She is EMPRESS" Love it!! I want, I need!! Will you be making Empress apart of your collection? Hope you like 


Amanda @ The Audacity of Color said...

Congrats on your work with Worthy!

Teresa - Life and Style said...

I have been looking for a winter perfume... I will look for this one next time I am at Ulta or the mall ;) Kelly Rowland looks beautiful in that photo. Glad to hear that you are doing some amazing work on the magazine!

xo Teresa

Kimberly Michelle said...

I'm excited about this new scent!!


Kimberly Michelle said...

And great work with Worthy Mag!!


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