Fashion Diary: Simply TGIF

Happy Friday!!! I hope all is well. So my goal, for myself, has been to feel confident in a plain white shirt, and I think it happened today. I will be buying more of these. :)

I am still working on Worthy! Trying to be official. So my blog and even the site got a little neglected this week. This weekend however, will be me in overdrive for Worthy, Miami Fashion Blog, Jaye magazine and Ju'lia Catherine. So while my weekend is already determined, I hope you enjoy yours.

Jeans: Calvin Klein (Old pair), Hanes Men Shirt, Necklace: Forever 21, Pearls: My mommy's closet, Ring: Miami Boutique,Watch: Nordstroms(Very old) Purple pearls and blue wooden bracelets: Gifted, Shoes: Gifted, J Charm Bracelet from high school: gifted.

Hope you like and I will be checking back in soon.

Stop by Worthy magazine if you haven't



lil miss Sauniya' said...

Love the necklace and ring :)

Teresa: Life and Style said...

Love the jeans and Tee outfit, your did such a great job accessorizing the outfit with amazing jewelry!

xo Teresa
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W. L. Johnson said...

Love the fist with the ring picture...just says POW =)

BANG: FWB said...

Hey Julia, we're hosting a chatroom tomorrow at 8pm eastern and we'd love to see you there because you have such an amazing voice. Our last one was a HUGE success and we were able to meet tons of new people because everyone repped their blogs & twitter names for the final 30 minutes! Hope to see you there! You'll be sure to have a blast!! =]

Kimberly, FWB

Kristie said...

Loving the white t-shirt! I was inspired to wear just a white t-shirt and jeans the other day too - it's a refreshing change from the usual wardrobe. :)

Muse Origins said...

Oooh you're jewelry is soooo fab!

Muse Origins Features
Muse Origins

Muse Origins said...

Oooh your jewelry is sooo fab! Looking good :)

Muse Origins Features
Muse Origins

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