Key West Ready Courtesy of Blo Blow Dry Bar

The past week was jam packed with a lot of first-time experiences for me. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it all. On the day that I had to depart for Key West for a two-night stay in two amazing hotels (Casa Marina and The Reach Resort) I had the opportunity to recieve a wash and style from Blo Blow Dry Bar. I have to say that it was an amazing experience. I loved the entire concept. 
Co-Owner Kailey aka The Coun-tress

The whole set-up of the blow dry bar allows you to get in and get out quickly, which was perfect for me considering that I also had to be on the road pretty early that morning. You pretty much skip the dreaded hair dryer experience instead you get blow dried and styled.
While I know one of the co-owners, Sandirose who I met at my fairy blog mother's (Jewel) seceret dinner party, I never had the chance to make it out to Blo Blow Dry Bar located Midtown Miami (3301 NE 1st Ave, Suite #102 Miami, Florida 33137)
 to personally experience the blow dry bar that has been making a great amount of waves in South Florida. Sandirose was the key reason Worthy Magazine got a chance to go behind the scenes of Mercedes-Benz Swim Week being that the blow dry bar did half of the shows at Swim Week. We featured the interview in the Hustle Issue . So needless to say I always wanted to check out Blo.

Signature hairstyles you will find in Blo's Hair Menu. 

My hairstylist Cassie 
 As I sifted through the signature hair menu, my stylist for my complimentary session, Cassie, suggested a few looks and we finally settled on "Pillow Talk" a curly and effortless look. I loved the entire experience and I am super appreciative to Blo Blow Dry Bar and APR Alliance for my gorgeous curls just in time for Key West. 
About Blo Blow Dry Bar Owners:  
Sandirose (aka The Mane Muchacha) holds a Master’s in Forensic Accounting with 12+ years as a bankruptcy / insolvency consultant and forensic accountant under her Prada belt. When not masterminding world domination, Sandirose is either jet setting to Europe, generating spreadsheets while hanging with her Westie Suki or in twitterverse and stirring up buzz… all while rocking flawless hair, of course. @themanemuchacha
Kailey’s (aka The Coun-tress) previous career was in fashion, working as an Account Executive with the corporate team at Theory LLC in New York. When she is not with her puppy Chloe, flipping through the latest fashion mag or making resos at the newest hotspot, Kailey can be found serving as a personal shopper at Dress for Success. Always making an appearance in her freshly pressed mod bangs, she’s pretty hard to miss. @thecountress

Hope you like the final look as much as I did. 
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Currently Reading

I am on of those shameful readers who enjoys reading two books at once. One of the books that I am reading on my Kindle Fire is by an interesting interview I recently had with LA- based pastor Touré Roberts of One Church International. He is described as the pastor to the stars. What I think I enjoyed the most from my interview with him was his willingness to not shy away from my questions about the current state of religion. As a spiritual person, who has been raised pentacostal found a non-demonational church home in college, which was a complicated experience for me. I find that I describe myself as a spiritual person who values the intimacy of my faith more than the community aspect. So my questions were a little tough. What really stood out to me was his response to my question about his thoughts on The Ebony Exodus Project.

" I think that it is important to understand that God is a God of science and psychology. He is every where and he is in everything. He is a God of the people and of logic. While prayer changes things, sometimes it has to be done in conjunction with other things. Doctors, psychologists and scientists were one of his spiritual gifts that he gave us. Sometimes I think people forget that." - Touré Roberts 

With that said that was enough for me to become interested in his book which is joining the ranks with pastors like Joel Olsteen. Check out Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth  

I will be sure to let you know how I like it so far.

A Warm Welcome to Ladurée Paris

 Making my usual rounds on Instagram, I stumbled upon a macaron post that honestly made my entire day. Ladurée Paris has opened up in Miami and is on Lincoln Road Mall no less. For the past year, I have been trying to find Macarons that rival the prestige and flavor of the french pastry shop and restuarant to no avail. The best substitue was Le Macaron a place that I will continue to frequent being that it is so close to my hometown of Deerfield Beach. My friend (Monteza) treated me to a box of my favorite treats, and I have to admit that they live up to the hype. I even enjoyed the gold flaked macarons, which were raspberry flavored. If you are n South Florida and you have been wondering if Ladurée Paris is worth your time, I can honestly say that it is. They offer the largest variety of macarons and they are simply amazing.