A Warm Welcome to Ladurée Paris

 Making my usual rounds on Instagram, I stumbled upon a macaron post that honestly made my entire day. Ladurée Paris has opened up in Miami and is on Lincoln Road Mall no less. For the past year, I have been trying to find Macarons that rival the prestige and flavor of the french pastry shop and restuarant to no avail. The best substitue was Le Macaron a place that I will continue to frequent being that it is so close to my hometown of Deerfield Beach. My friend (Monteza) treated me to a box of my favorite treats, and I have to admit that they live up to the hype. I even enjoyed the gold flaked macarons, which were raspberry flavored. If you are n South Florida and you have been wondering if Ladurée Paris is worth your time, I can honestly say that it is. They offer the largest variety of macarons and they are simply amazing. 


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