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I am on of those shameful readers who enjoys reading two books at once. One of the books that I am reading on my Kindle Fire is by an interesting interview I recently had with LA- based pastor Touré Roberts of One Church International. He is described as the pastor to the stars. What I think I enjoyed the most from my interview with him was his willingness to not shy away from my questions about the current state of religion. As a spiritual person, who has been raised pentacostal found a non-demonational church home in college, which was a complicated experience for me. I find that I describe myself as a spiritual person who values the intimacy of my faith more than the community aspect. So my questions were a little tough. What really stood out to me was his response to my question about his thoughts on The Ebony Exodus Project.

" I think that it is important to understand that God is a God of science and psychology. He is every where and he is in everything. He is a God of the people and of logic. While prayer changes things, sometimes it has to be done in conjunction with other things. Doctors, psychologists and scientists were one of his spiritual gifts that he gave us. Sometimes I think people forget that." - Touré Roberts 

With that said that was enough for me to become interested in his book which is joining the ranks with pastors like Joel Olsteen. Check out Purpose Awakening: Discover the Epic Idea that Motivated Your Birth  

I will be sure to let you know how I like it so far.


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