Misadventures in Sewing: My First Dress

So under the direction of my mother, I made my first dress. It took almost all day, but it was a labor of love. I do love clothes. She is a tough teacher. But I must admit, even if no one else thinks it, that the dress is beautiful. Perfect for summer time and it was the perfect Sunday morning dress.  

So I can't cut to save my life. 

 I realize I prefer hand sewing to machine.
 The dress was almost finished here but not completely.



Question: Should I include tips on sewing since I am a beginner? Maybe what I learn could benefit someone else.

Fashion Diary: Around My Hometown..... Go To Dress

 The return of the ugly pretty shoe. I will have more weird shoes in later posts.

I have a few go to items and this dress is one of them. I will wear it whenever I get a chance. 
Dress- Thrifted, Necklace- Gifted, Bracelet Gifted, Shoes found at a random boutique in Miami, Purse Mulberry for Target. Shades Target
I hope you like.
Photography: Gavin 

What I Need In My Life ( Courtesy of Fashion Bomb Daily)

I need this dress in my life. I stumbled upon it while doing my daily reading at Fashion Bomb Daily. The dress is from the Spring/Summer selection of Halston's. The shoes that Halle Berry wore were Christian Louboutin's Anna sandal.

Halle Post from Fashion Bomb --Read

Hope you like.


Fashion Diary: Midnight Dream.....

So it has been a while since I have done a fashion diary. This one is more for me than anything else.  This dress was made for me. I feel like it is classically beautiful and whimsy all at the same time. The nude shoes are Bamboo. I am so happy I finally got a pair. The photographs are a mixture of my phone and my camera.

My Life In Lenses..........

 Like I mentioned, I am not a photographer. But I am trying. So my first subject was one of my dogs. Her name is Zoey. I love her a lot.

Hope you like

My Baby is Back

So I finally have my camera. I left it at home while I was away at school.Up until now, I was just using my phone and laptop to take pictures. I am no photographer. I am actually horrible at taking pictures but I will try. Wish me luck.

I am proud of Keri Hilson

Hello all,
I hope your weekend is going well. I have a lot on mind lately so I felt like blogging about a few things. I haven't done a fashion diary in a while. So that will have to be the next order of business. Quick update: I have my camera back. So the picture quality of my photographs will be a lot better. Yayyyy!!!

On to business. Keri Hilson is really standing out to me lately. She is always sexy and while her style is not exactly my style, I always appreciate it. But lately Ms. Keri has been striking my fancy. I am terrible at describing styles but if I must, I will say that her looks on the red carpet lately have had a glamorous vintage feel.

I hope you like.

My Girl Crush Strikes Again At Cannes Film Fesitival

Zoe struck again. I loved her at the premier of "Tree of Life" at the Cannes Film Festival . The dress is Armani and shoes are Nicholas Kirkwood. 
Photo from the StyleBistro
All pictures from StyleBistro
There is a reason she is my crush. I hope you like. 


Adorable Blog Award........Yayyyyy!!!

So my weekend is getting off to a nice start. I was nominated for The Adorable Blog award by the wonderful Age Of An Aquarius blog. I am really happy about the support. So there are a few rules that come with the award.

1. I WISH I was a vegetarian
2. I sing
3. I write poetry
4. I enjoy writing novels and I hope to get published soon.....prayers are welcome
5. I love pasta
6. I have an obsession with coffee
7. I am a movie buff
8. I am a proud fan of Harry Potter. I have been since elementary school.
9. I have a girl crush on Zoe Saldana and Lisa Bonet
10. I am a spiritual person (flower child)

I want to give this award to 
Teresa: life and style
Simple but Real
A Fendi Bag and A Bad Attitude
Gale's Hats
Whit in the world 

The rules for this award are:
  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
  • Tell us 10 things about yourself.
  • Nominate your bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.
 Thanks again to Age of An Aquarius. I nominated blogs that I have been following for a while that are unique and have also been supportive in the past, or blogs that are just starting out and they are off to a good start.


Enjoy your weekend. XOXO

My First Giveaway Winner..........

 So I am super excited about my first giveaway. I got to work with Gale's Hats, who gave me the hat I was wearing in the giveaway post. I was surprised about how it all turned out. The winner of the giveaway is a beautiful blogger from the UK by the name of Nicola. She has some great looks make sure you check her blog out.
Make sure you follow Gale's Hats and Nicola's blog.
Talk to you soon. I hope you are having a good weekend.
I hope there is more participation for the next giveaway. :)