I am proud of Keri Hilson

Hello all,
I hope your weekend is going well. I have a lot on mind lately so I felt like blogging about a few things. I haven't done a fashion diary in a while. So that will have to be the next order of business. Quick update: I have my camera back. So the picture quality of my photographs will be a lot better. Yayyyy!!!

On to business. Keri Hilson is really standing out to me lately. She is always sexy and while her style is not exactly my style, I always appreciate it. But lately Ms. Keri has been striking my fancy. I am terrible at describing styles but if I must, I will say that her looks on the red carpet lately have had a glamorous vintage feel.

I hope you like.


The Corner Shop said...

She's really upping her HAUTE scale oh. See her new video- she was shexy!


Femmes With Benefits said...

She definitely has stepped up her style and it's really doing a lot for her, I didn't see her in this white -- but it is REALLY gorg!

Kimberly, FWB

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