Fashion Diary: Fashion show and brunch

My weekend was pretty nice. I saw Beautiful Creatures on Saturday with my friend Ciera (Heavenly Brat) and on Sunday I went to brunch and a fashion show. Needless to say I felt like a real Miami lady. The show was for celebrity designer Tanya-Marie who is known for her work with celebs like Rihanna and many others. 

 I found myself in Miami's Design District at Egg and Dart with a few people I know.

 The beauty behind the jewelry line (Infinite Style Jewelry) which I am becoming obsessed with Cheztara Lachair was also in attendance and I had to snap a picture with her. She was wearing a few of her custom pieces.
 Her ring left me speechless. 

 My stylish editor friend, Clover Matthews, stopped by. 
My outfit for the day was all courtesy of my mother's closet A.K.A my favorite place to shop. The skirt and top are hers. Shoes: Just Fab. Necklace: My aunt's jewelry collection. Blazer: Express. Purse: Cambridge Satchel (JCREW- a gift from my big bro). Chain Bracelet: Mista X Sir + (a gift from a friend). Skull Bracelet: Fashion Footware (local shop). 

See more pictures from the fashion show on Worthy Magazine. Photo credit for the show goes to  Miami Rebel (

Hope you like

Journalism Diary: I had a moment

Journalists are said to suffer from an aggressive ailment. It is the very thing that drives us and fuels our anxiety all at the same time. It's our love of seeing our name in print. As much as I love being unique, I am no exception. Recently I was in the store picking up a few must-have items and I made my routine walk down the magazine aisle and what I saw there almost made me scream. Now the fact that I was overcome with joy and shock is rather odd. I knew that I contributed to the style icon story in the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine and I knew I was featured in the latest issue of Gold Coast Magazine. However seeing them on the newsstand so close to each other reminded of the inescapable truth about journalism. All writers come to terms with at some point in their career, "I love seeing my name in print." The icing on the cake was the diversity that it represented to me. I was being featured in one magazine and wrote for another. It gave me hope. Because the dark side of loving to see our names in print, is a fear that we are never as great at writing as we should be. The profession is so subjective and as such it is filled with people who will hate and love your work all at once. But that moment made me hopeful about Worthy Magazine as well.

The best piece of advice I can offer is something that was said to me during a lecture for my reporting class at UF: "You have to believe in yourself." Take it from me, no one else will.

If you are looking for a few great reads make sure you check out the latest issues of Gold Coast magazine and Sister 2 Sister.

Update: I am styling

Hello again, I am not trying to stay away from blogging for very long. The main reason is because of the focus of this post. This post is another update. I wanted to share a few pictures with you from a blogger event I went to a while ago (at Madewell)  but I was proud of my styling attempts and I wanted to share. Let me know what you think?
Some of my favorite bloggers were in attendance. Ashley Lorraine of A Sassy Woman and Donnet Bruce hosted the event with Madewell. Hope you love!


More Pics From Gold Coast Magazine's Best Catches Photo shoot

Hello all,
I finally had some more pics sent over from the photo shoot I was in awhile back. For me, the real star of the shoot are the Brian Atwood shoes. I was on cloud nine. The shoot was in Delray at The Seagate Hotel.

Dress: Yigal Azrouel
The amazing photographer: Jason Nuttle

The feature is in this month's issue of Gold Coast Magazine 

Hope you like as much as I did!!


Currently Listening To

Don't judge me. I just wanted to share a little bit of what I am listening to these days.

Oh My, Dannijo!

Check out this site for Dannijo. I am jonesing. I am all for bohemian-chic red-carpet ready accessories.

Worthy Magazine's Fusion Issue

This issue of Worthy Magazine is AMAZING. I am super proud of it. I am pleased to report that the 70 page issue is jam packed with interviews and profiles from some of the most inspiring people. YouTube sensation Ahmir graced the cover. I had the opportunity to interview A Tribe Called Red, Miss Joelle Ashley and countless other inspiring individuals. Trust me this issue is worth the peek. Check it out and let me know your thoughts?

Updates Part 1: Hair extensions, Interview Magazine and a Vanity Fair

I try to keep my posts short because I don't think anyone is that interesting to have extremely long posts.  I have a lot of posts that I need to get to, if I plan on giving detailed updates.  So here is part one of my updates:

-I hear people telling me that I seem a little more confident than I use to be. That is a new change, which has resulted in a few new obsessions. 

1. I LOVE MAC Cosmetics and Mary Kay! - I became really close to a make-up and hairstylist, Monet who destroyed all of my preconceived notions about make-up. It's crazy that I am a Blogger and Journalist who didn't appreciate make up but now I do!!!

2. I LOVE weave: Like I really love weave a lot. I realized this after my rather unique journey with extensions. I plan on writing about it and calling it "My Weave Journey"- I assure you it is filled with late night meetings, random text messages and broken promises. In a single instance I became an addict.  Currently I am in remission. 

3. I am socializing more: Anyone who knows me will tell you that a night in with a good film or book is so much more than a boring night to me. I LOVE staying in. However, the more I try to get Worthy Magazine out there, getting out and socializing is becoming critical. A few of my highlights would have to be Gold Coast Magazine's 40 under 40 party at the W in Fort Lauderdale, Vanity Fair Art Basel Party at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Peace on E[art]h and Interview Magazine Art Basel Party- just to name a few. I am not saying I am social butterfly. However I will admit that socializing that much is forcing me to become comfortable in my own skin. 

Here are a few pics of the events I went to and my hair transitions let me know your thoughts.

Hope you like!!! I will do a separate post showcasing my current look. But I loved the extensions to the moon and back. 


Gold Coast Magazine Feature

I am so sorry that I have been so busy. I have had a lot of changes that have taken place in my life. I fully intend to blog about it to anyone who is still stumbling upon my blog. This is the first update of the many that I am sure will follow. I had the honor of being featured in an AMAZING South Florida magazine called Gold Coast magazine as a 2013 Best Catch. It meant the world to me hear that I was chosen because of my work with Worthy Magazine. The Brian Atwood shoes and Yigal Azrouel dress were nothing short of inspiring. The room was literally filled with Jimmy Choos, Roberto Cavalli and did I mention Brian Atwood? If I was looking for a sign that I am heading in the right direction and that it is ok for me to believe that Worthy can be great, I really felt like the shoot was it.  I am hoping to have a few more pics sent over to me. In the mean time, take a look at the feature and let me know your thoughts. Don't forget to check out Worthy Magazine the latest issue is the Fusion Issue music sensation, Ahmir is on the cover and the issue is jam packed with some of my favorite artists who you really need to get to know.

Hope you like. In the end Yigal's dress was the perfect fit for me. As much as I dreamed of being able to say that I wore Roberto Cavalli at a photoshoot, the dress was so long and flowy it drowned me. I have seen this amazing blue dress everywhere. I saw it on Fashion Bomb Daily on the fabulous Claire and I even spied it at an Interview Magazine Miami Art Basel Party. The colorful Atwood shoes married beautifully with the dress but didn't make it into the final picture.
Talk to you soon.