Updates Part 1: Hair extensions, Interview Magazine and a Vanity Fair

I try to keep my posts short because I don't think anyone is that interesting to have extremely long posts.  I have a lot of posts that I need to get to, if I plan on giving detailed updates.  So here is part one of my updates:

-I hear people telling me that I seem a little more confident than I use to be. That is a new change, which has resulted in a few new obsessions. 

1. I LOVE MAC Cosmetics and Mary Kay! - I became really close to a make-up and hairstylist, Monet who destroyed all of my preconceived notions about make-up. It's crazy that I am a Blogger and Journalist who didn't appreciate make up but now I do!!!

2. I LOVE weave: Like I really love weave a lot. I realized this after my rather unique journey with extensions. I plan on writing about it and calling it "My Weave Journey"- I assure you it is filled with late night meetings, random text messages and broken promises. In a single instance I became an addict.  Currently I am in remission. 

3. I am socializing more: Anyone who knows me will tell you that a night in with a good film or book is so much more than a boring night to me. I LOVE staying in. However, the more I try to get Worthy Magazine out there, getting out and socializing is becoming critical. A few of my highlights would have to be Gold Coast Magazine's 40 under 40 party at the W in Fort Lauderdale, Vanity Fair Art Basel Party at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Peace on E[art]h and Interview Magazine Art Basel Party- just to name a few. I am not saying I am social butterfly. However I will admit that socializing that much is forcing me to become comfortable in my own skin. 

Here are a few pics of the events I went to and my hair transitions let me know your thoughts.

Hope you like!!! I will do a separate post showcasing my current look. But I loved the extensions to the moon and back. 



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