Is Fashion Really Evolving?

R.I.P Naomi Sims The First Black Super Model

Fashion is always evolving or repeating itself for that matter. So the question arises in an industry where the old (excluding the models of course) always becomes new, can the outlook on “ethnic” models ever change? The age- old, not so secret belief that black models do not sell magazines has always served as the reason as to why most models on the covers of magazines do not look like me. '

But how acceptable is that really? In an industry that thrives on change (one season you are in the next you are out) how fair is it that there is really only on accepted protocol ( No minorities allowed)

The notion that black covers do not sell brings up another issue. Perhaps minorities don't purchase magazines because we are not found on them.

The fashion industry has the ability to alter the perception of beauty. This is the same industry that has made tall and awkward a compliment and yet what sticks out like a sore thumb are the minorities.

There are people with-in the fashion industry that do not agree with this. Including photographer Nick Knight, according to blog/
The leading British photographer Nick Knight says: "The fashion industry and the advertising industry are steeped in racism. You just have to look around at the number of black girls you see in ads – virtually nil. Among the main fashion brands, they are completely under-represented. It's shocking and atrocious." Mr Knight blames business people at the top of the industry. A common attitude among them, he says, is that black models are "not aspirational" or "don't sell in Asia". He goes on: "I have tried to redress the balance. It is enormously important to use black models and models of different ethnic backgrounds.

Knight has even gone as far as making a video that addresses this issue while the video may be older now is still germane to what is going on continuously.

While it is not glamorized as much, black is beautiful, and it starts with US appreciating our own beauty in all shades in all shapes and sizes. If you have an interest in fashion and photography make sure that you capture the beauty of ALL people.

As time presses on it is becoming abundantly clear that the change will not happen in the fashion industry it must come to the fashion industry.


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