It is coming......

It is coming........ New Moon

I am happy once again. I get to go to my happy place where vampires are nice and just want to cuddle and watch you sleep at night. And really hot guys get significantly hotter right before your eyes. Time to go to a place where the impossible is possible and love takes you on wild adventure literally in New Moon fans are going to go on mini tour of the world all the way to Rome actually. To say that I am excited would be putting lightly. I am dragging who ever I know out with me. I wonder if everyone is as excited as me? Rhetorical questions folks everyone is as excited as me. If you are not excited and we are friends then I say this in the kindest way possible; you have the mind of a        “gerbil” <---(you must purse the lips as you say this) and I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you can not fathom the awesomeness of me first and then this wonderful movie. I hope I get to see people there. Part of me wishes this was like Harry Potter and I could see people dress up like their favorite character. Who knows maybe I will get lucky and someone will show up with a terrible mock wig like the one Bella wears. Or if I am really lucky it will be really cold and some tanned guys will show up with no shirts on. I am sorry, in terms of wardrobe that is all that stood out to me. But I can’t wait. I would go to the midnight showing but it is sold out, and I am sad. But I think it is for the best. I fear only the kiddies are out to see the film and being that my crush is Jacob (yeah I said it team Jacob) I feel bad looking at his young behind to begin with. Essentially it is wrong to look at any of the cast they are playing high schoolers but it isn’t a crime to look. That sounded sooooooooooo reminiscent of Lolita but I promise I don’t like the kiddies like that. New Moon be there or else you will be a loser that doesn’t read. 


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