This is why I REALLY love Fashion Bomb Daily

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! I am super happy. I blog about this site a lot. So this means a lot to me to be featured as the Fashion Bombshell Of The Day. I hope you guys like. Fashion Bomb Daily is my "go to" source for fashion news and great dialogue. I am totally doing happy dance in my apartment right now. If someone walked into my home, I might be embarrassed. *** Back to my happy dance*** This makes up for being out a phone till Friday and being sick all week. Hugs and kisses people!!!! Yayyyyyy


veda said...

congratulation dear.. you deserve it! you have good style also!! i like those all outfit, really!!!
thank you for following my blog. and now im following you back..

Cheryl-Ann Charles said...

Congrats...Super cute layout!

Inquiring Mind said...

Thank you guys so much!!!

Mbabazi said...

i love fashion bomb, congs on being featured . its a really good site especially for unordinary fashion. u deserve it.

YaYa said...

SOOOOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock dude!

Prissy said...

Congratulations, Girlie!! That's where I ran across your blog. Great Job!!!


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