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                                                                      New Years?
Howdy folks,
So I thought I would check in today. I am super swamped with school and planning for my future (prayers are always welcome.) So I am looking over all the lists that I have made and I am noticing that I am doing somewhat decent on my resolutions list. How are you guys doing on yours?
 There is one that I am failing at miserably (I can't lie to you.) I am not learning a new recipe every day. I am working out. I am working slowly to become a runner. I have changed up the hair regimen but it is still being fine tuned. There is room for improvement. My spirituality is becoming stronger (believe in something- I won't preach) but nourishing your spirit is super important so do what you got to do. I have my ways. Find yours :)

I am not writing my novel the way that I like. I let people read it and I think I am letting people have too much input. Thoughts? Should I just write it? Or should I just write it for me and hope people will like it? I am not sure folks. But I am writing to encourage you. I have fallen short on a few things. We always do but everyone falls short. So just get back up and keep pushing towards your goals. That is what I am doing. How are you?

Talk to you soon.



Binny said...

Nice bracelet!

I would say, just write. Write exactly how you want to. When you let people influence you too too much, the work starts to lose your voice. Of course, suggestions are always good, but take them with a grain of salt...after all, it is YOUR work! :) Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Don't think of it as falling short - think of it as putting your priorities first. One can only do so much in a day! Especially if you have studying to do too. Good luck with it all!

Inquiring Mind said...

Thank you guys so much for the advice :) definitely will put it to use <3

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

she is a beauty

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