Supernatural Beauty

                                                       Queen of the damned Aaliyah 
Is it just me or is supernatural style not the best thing ever? I don't believe in restricting myself to one style but if there is anything that really gets me going, it is supernatural style. That mysterious appeal. The dark colors. The flowy gowns. The fact that everything that dark mysterious woman has on serves a purpose, just appeals to me. I haven't been feeling too well. So I figured I would do a simple post that tells you a little more about my style and my interests.

Here's a look at some of my favorite looks that were inspired by the supernatural back in 2010. I hope you enjoy the stroll down memory lane as much as I do.

Cushnie et Ochs 
                               Proenza Schouler

Rad Hourani

Well talk to you tomorrow.



W. L. Johnson said...

Love it! Thank you for using something that I know oh so well...should of hit up Buffy!

michelle said...

beautiful post
thank you
I'm not a follower at your blog here (as Michelle K. Lee)
and on bloglovin as well!

I Live For It said...

We LOVED that Proenza look too! Gorgeous collection. Following you now!

XO, Liza and Jewls

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