New Beginnings: The life of an editorial intern at Sister 2 Sister Magazine!

Life in D.C. is amazing and I can honestly say that I know I am not getting the full effect. I have strict roommates but I am grateful for the place! At any rate, if I had to point out one thing I like, it would be the different personalities that I get to meet. The Washington D.C./ Maryland area definitely feels like the Mecca of black people right now. People seem to be really affluent here. It is refreshing, to not just see one type of group. There are college students; families, younger people and older people all nestled into the local Starbucks or Chipotle!!


I went to a happy hour and I took a few pictures. I felt like I was at the club. The “lounge” was over flowing with people. It was really fun because the majority of the people there were in my age range. So it is just nice to see 22 year olds with jobs unwinding from a weeks long worth of work. One time for people with jobs, yayyyyyyy!!!

Other highlights

I went to a roof top party at 3p.m. and like happy hour it was over flowing with people. Sadly I never made it to the roof. I stayed in the AC!!

Pictures in the next post!!!!

Internship highlights

*That is a picture of my desk. The other pictures are of the office!!

They are still letting me write!!!! Check out the website for my articles and many other awesome stories on the Web site, for the latest updates on your favorite stars. I still love the job. Two- minute- honest-open conversation, this internship has been a really positive experience for me. It has shown me that while there are people in this field, who will play off your insecurities and tear you down if you allow it, that it is still a wonderful profession to be in. My goal in life is to be able to do the things that I enjoy. Coming back to this has shown me how much I enjoyed it. It’s not reporting class, which in my opinion can find an error in a Pulitzer Prize winning piece. You get correction and you keep moving. So anyway other high lights, I have been transcribing interviews. I can’t say with whom because that will ruin the surprise for other people and the competition but the people were cool. Transcribing took forever though.

Another highlight, we had an office meeting to brainstorm ideas for an upcoming issue of the magazine and they actually likedsome of my ideas, ten points for me. I am super excited about that!!! So yeah, I feel like I am a super lucky intern. I get to write, offer input that is used at meetings, transcribe interviews, create interview questions and then whatever else they ask me to do. Considering what I hear about other internships, this is amazing!!!! Crazy thing is I had to be encouraged to apply. Much thanks to that person for that!!! You live and you learn.

Much Love Folks

My cell phone for the most part is my camera!!! I need batteries for my camera LAME excuse. However,I am being honest!!

****The Mia's sends her love as well!!


Lewistwo said...

Ju'lia, the next time that you are in DC let me know. There is so much to do here, and I'll show you all of them... We have the Political World, Party World, Culture World, and the Fashion World. Whatever, you want we have it. Let's start with Georgetown first... I hope to see you soon.

Much Love,

Cousin Myisha (Mimi)

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