Shoe Foreplay and another reason to love Fashion Bomb Daily

Hello again,

So I have another wish list!!! I have wanted these shoes for like ever but I said it a long time ago, when I was just beginning to blog and was extremely horrible at it, but I love buying my shoes on sale. I will look at what is popular and timeless all at the same time and search high and low for something similar. I guess it is the girl in me who loves the drama of searching for the one. :) So I hope to purchase these shoes soon. The first pair is pricey but the other pair compensate. I included a few photos from my trip to the mall.

this is the original Christian Louboutin ($1,165.00) - Dare to dream right.
                                     This is pretty close to the original. It cost 149 euros, which is a lot less.

I normally go for shoes that appear to be inspired by the heavy weights aside from the occasional sale at Aldo but this was too much to resist. I have been obsessed with this shoe. Even if people aren't talking about the shoe as much. I seldom submit to trends when they are in season. I will wear my leopard happily, even if it is summer lol. This site is also my latest find courtesy of Fashion Bomb Daily.  It is called Celeb Boutique and I can honestly say that there are some things that I see myself buying. I have been hearing lately that I cover up too much. I am a true pusher of less is more but I am jonesing for a few more form fitting pieces. Thoughts on the shoes? Should I opt for a more form fitting wardrobe?
The Nude Shoe
Let me start off by saying that I never thought I would give into this but there is something so sexy about a nude shoe. I guess I am getting older. I am still hunting. I was at JCPenny's with Herisa and I saw two pairs of Nude shoes and honestly, there was a pair of slingback nude shoes that almost had me. I was even considering buying them online. But I am hoping when I find the one I will just know. I don't know just call me a romantic. If you are looking for a quick fix for a nude shoe, I spotted a nice uniformed pair at Forever 21. Let the pictures begin :) 
I tried to wear my hair wavy still deciding if I will make it habit.
xoxoxo Have a good day :) 

I also got my eyebrows threaded for the second time. They have someone who does it at the mall. I am a wax kind of girl but I really love the way it looks. I may submit to the threading.
Ok for real this time 



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Those nude heels are absolutely gorgeous!!!


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Thank you for the lovely review; we've linked this page to our tumblr blog:
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