Fashion Diary: Casual Chaos and Thoughts

Verdict is in. It's one of those days where you just want to wear what you want and toss some heels on. 

Happy Monday. I hope all is well. Lately I have been rethinking what direction I want to take my blog in. If you haven't gotten a chance to read my other posts, there have been a few new developments in my life. I now work full time at the historic Miami Times paper. I have my own section at the paper called "Style and Substance" and I couldn't be more happy and scared out of my mind at the same time about my new job responsibility. 

Balance: I am working on finding balance. Worthy magazine will always be my passion and a source of confidence for what I do. My origins in blogging, I think, played a crucial role in the development of Worthy. I say that to say that I need to find a balance and lately I have not been able to do that. So that is my new focus. 

Thoughts: Since I have started working in Miami, I have met a lot of amazing bloggers and amazing journalists as well as business professionals. It is easy to lose focus, which I think in so many ways  has happened to me. I am not sure what I want my blog to discuss anymore. So this is my fair warning to those who still swing by the blog. I am finding myself professionally and personally. I can't really give you an outline of what will you find on this blog. I can only post entries and if anyone reads it, then great. But if not, that is fine as well. I am blogging for myself. 
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aww loving your shoes honey !

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