Nuance By Salma Hayek

I hope all is well. I must be honest. I spent quite some time sitting over my laptop trying to conjure up the perfect linguistic ingredients to start this post off. In the end, simple honesty was the best approach. This past Thursday was a wonderful day for me solely because I was afforded a wonderful experience at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Spa in Miami to enjoy two spa treatments from the amazing products in CVS and Salma Hayek's skin care line called Nuance Salma Hayek.

Nuance was actually launched in August 2011 by CVS and Salma Hayek giving the cosmetic line time to flourish and evolve. The collection now consists of over 500 different products all catering to the everyday woman on the go who is concerned with taking care of their skin. The exclusive line has all facets of personal grooming covered. There are hair products, cosmetic and cleansing products.  One look at the natural ingredients that were on display in the spa's product room, and I was sold on the product line's effectiveness and great quality. The product room was filled with espresso beans, cucumbers, aloe and avocados to name a few.

I received a manicure and an anti-aging facial while snacking on delicious bites and catching up with a few familiar bloggers. At the end of spa treatments, everyone was given a swag bag to rival all swag bags. The cloth bags came complete with full size products from beauty line. I am so excited to try out the facial blotting papers, nail laquer, coupons to shop the line and cleansing gel among other things.
Make sure you check the line out the next time you are at CVS.
Hope you like.

You are worthy


Anonymous said...

Love the article and I puchase the products the cleaners smells so good face feels great and clean. Thank you for the info love it!

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