Words of advice

Pompano Beach 

Taking a moment to stop and think can be one of the most empowering experiences a person can ask for. My most rent experience allowed me to see the power of positive thinking and the strength of negativity. We often feel like the world is against us, that people are conditioned to hurt us and that dreams only come to fruition when we close our eyes. But I am realizing the more I build my company and the more I work towards being the woman I would like to be that everything is a choice.

The only way we truly fail is if we choose to give up.

The only way we can truly be hurt (emotionally) is if we accept that we are hurt. We can choose how much power a person or situation has over us. The first emotional response is pure instinct and natural but the choice to wallow in it is our choice. IT'S NOT EASY. But we can choose to act in our best interest.

We can choose to build up our dreams or fight to just exist.

My advice-  Find something even if it is one thing in your life to be grateful for and give thanks for it. Figure out how to use it to get closer to what you want. Fight to believe in yourself because you can achieve so much more by being kind to yourself and believing in yourself than you can by doubting yourself. It's so much easier to see all the things that are going wrong in your life than it is to be positive but the rewards are so much better if you persist in positivity.  This is my new goal.


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