Fashion Diary: simple and comfy

Shoes: Blake Scott, Gold ring: H&M, Silver Shield Ring: Forever21, Silver  Ring : Aldo. Handbag: H&M Jeans: Forever 21, Necklace: H&M, Sweater: Young Threads.

 I have been so busy with work and the magazine that I have neglected my blog. That just seems crazy to me considering my blog is one of the few things that make me happy. The beau is on the top of the list. I guess I am going through my regrouping stage. I am trying to marry my dreams with reality and I find that when I try to do that, I get distracted too easily. So I am coming back to what matters. I am focusing on my dreams and little less on reality and things that are not going my way. How have you guys been???
I do hope all is well.



Muse Origins said...

Lovely! Love the jewelry too. I'm so impressed with the online mag. Two thumbs up!


Baby Budget Blog said...

Great sweater and LOVE that collar necklace!

Jnay said...

This sweater is adorable. I love that you chose to accesorize it with a simple but statement necklace.

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