Happy New Year Fashion Diary

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I hate how I haven't been blogging!!  2011 has been a crazy year!! I kinda went through a lot. Hopefully the trials of last year will be stepping stones toward an amazing 2012... Like most people I know, I had to go watch night service. So I snapped a few pics of what I wore. I love this dress from H&M (Christmas gift from mi mommy) and the feather earrings that I also got for christmas they make me smile!!

Back to my rant about not blogging. I will get back to into it this year!!! I have to. It's just been so easy to freak out about everything else instead of doing the things that I enjoy. So that is what 2012 is suppose to be about (for me) doing the things that I enjoy. What are your resolutions?

Happy New Year XOXO


delightfully darling said...

Glad that you made an appearance! I love seeing your outfits and reading your posts :) I hope that you had a fabulous New Year doll, you deserve the best :)

I feel ya on 2011 being rough - I say that 2012 is for girls like us who went through it all and worked way too hard to get to have some fun and a little R&R once and a while, cheers to us! ;)

talk to you soon dear, have a great week!

xo Teresa

lil miss Sauniya' said...

i hope this new year brings you a lot more than the precious one..
I love your dress, really pretty :)
Happy 2012!!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress and the feather earrings. Love your blog look forward to reading more in 2012. Give us more, Happy New Years! Thanks

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