Photo Shoot: I am a Heavenly Brat

Not too long ago I had the privilege of being apart of a photo shoot for an emerging clothing line based in South Florida called Heavenly Brat . It was a pretty cool experience. To be completely honest I was surprised when I was asked to be apart of it. I don't think that I am very photogenic (weird I know, but I really just have an obsession with fashion). One thing is certain, I have to learn how to master the art of looking dead into the camera and taking a nice picture. All of my pictures on the blog (the majority anyway) seem to show me not looking at the camera. So that is a new goal for me. I need to learn how to be confident. I am not sure if a 24-year-old woman can learn how to become confident after not being confident for so long. But I guess it is never too late? Ugh, I am such an old soul.

The photo shoot was to promote a line of T-shirts that are now out and available for purchase. Heavenly Brat is the brain child of one my close and talented friends and fellow fashion enthusiast, Ciera Hill, she spawned her love for fashion into a clothing line that is true reflection of what I love the most about the fashion world: constant evolution. Every look that I have seen her create is unique. To learn more about the inspiring story behind the Heavenly Brat line, take a look at the official Web site
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