Cool Friends: Lunch with David

I kind of always brag about my friends on my blog and with good reason, they are amazing. A while back I did a Fashion Exchange post with David and I spoke about how fabulous he is and I asked him a few questions about his style.  When we met up over the weekend, it was pretty much the same thing. I wanted to pick his brain. In our exchange we unearthed some interesting facts about our past and our future. Like I said in the last post, I did about David, I am very fortunate to still be friends with most of the people I knew in high school who are pursuing their passion. It inspires me to keep going with my dream despite it seeming like it so much bigger than me.

If you are new to the blog, David Michael is a phenomenal and hardworking celebrity stylist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has styled some of the best and he is constantly thriving and reaching for more. It shocked me to sit down with someone who has met some of his favorite style muses and managed to keep his cool and remain professional. "I have to keep my composure. I talk to them like they are normal people," he admitted to me.

Before I knew it, we were reminiscing about high school, a place that we never thought you could pay us to discuss. We realized that things that made us stand out for better or worse in high school are now the intricate proponents that breathe life into our dreams today.

David was always a walking fashion dictionary penning one-of-a -kind sketches in his ornate sketch pad (he still carries a notebook of notes and sketches). I was always this spacey CBA Magnet hippie-nerd with a simplistic but equally weird out look on fashion.

"Ju'lia, the weather could change by one degree and you would throw some fur on," he laughed when discussing my high school style.

It was great to see the larger-than-life David Michael again and I loved what he had on. 
If you take nothing from this post, remember that what makes you weird and not a part of "the in-crowd" is generally the best thing about you and possibly your bread and butter.

Hope you like XOXO!! 


Ashley said...

It's always nice to sit down with old friends & catch up. I think it's our duty to uplift & share success about others (friends, family, etc) :)

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