I Love The Audacity Of Color

This is a quote I came across at one of my favorite blogs. The quote is by Ira Glass. The blog is called The Audacity of Color. I love the blog, and I love this quote. If you have never checked out the site, you really should. It covers the beauty that is in color. I think it is really unique topic to create a blog around. I hope you like the quote, and I hope you like The Audacity of Color.



lil miss Sauniya' said...

This is really inspirational!! thank you for sharing! :)

Ju'lia said...

Awww thank you so much :) So glad you like.

Baby Budget Blog said...

This is awesome!! Oh and I thanked you on my blog for your award :)


Amanda @ The Audacity of Color said...

Thanks so much, Ju'lia! I also love your blog. Great photography. :)

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