Crazy print and comfort

It's been a long time since I blogged. I started my new job at the Miami Times and I am trying to adjust to a full time schedule and just coming home and putting in work for Worthy Magazine. I am learning that when you really care about something, you are willing to get absolutely no sleep. This over-all aesthetic is kind of becoming my "go to" look. Give me some dark leggings my black JC's and an oversized dress. The dress is home made by my mommy. I think she may be getting tired of my raiding her closet. She replenished my entire wardrobe so I will have tons to blog about. I am seeking new outlets to not feel overwhelmed and a little retail therapy of my own is in the works. I will most def showcase my new purchases.
My instagram will keep you updated on my ventures in food and fashion so you should follow. 
Much love, 
Talk to you soon


Anonymous said...

Love the print and dress.

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