Every woman knows how to embellish everything. So a love for embellished clothing is second nature for us. I love my vintage designer T-shirt. Pair it with the perfect vintage jacket and I am instantly in my happy place. The shoes my mother did for me. I have huge feet so the only tennis shoes that do me justice are like Keds etc. I know, I know I am a nerd. 

I hope you guys like this look. I warned you guys my style has become progressively weirder. But I am becoming comfortable in my own skin. How are you guys doing?


La Sugarlace said...

Those kicks are mad cool! I have no idea what I would wear them with but I actually want them! lol x


La Femme Tres Chic said...

Thanks for the love honey... I am in love with this look, the jacket and dress is to die for.. I love it!!!

La Femme Tres Chic said...

let's follow each other, New follower ;)

Georgina said...

I love your blog - so glad I came across it!
Now following,

xo Georgina

Ashley said...

Ahhhh! Love this. I remember you posting about the Keds on instagram. You're so stylish :)

Baby Budget Blog said...

Great dress but that jacket is really cool! LOVE the embellishments!


Heloan said...

nice <3

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