Thrifting and Repurposing for Fashion

One of my newest hobbies has been repurposing old things and making them into something more unique and catered to my individual style. When I was growing up, money was tight and we shopped at thrift stores. Today in 2012, it has become an ever-growing fashion trend to find unique and vintage items at the thrift store. I peeped this chic and funky looking denim vest Rihanna wore on a casual day out and about which inspired me. I went to the local, everyday thrift store here in DC instead of the trendy, more expensive vintage boutiques to find what I was looking for. I found an old-lady style Chico's denim jacket that had this funky riveting on the front pockets. Checked the price tag, saw that it was $4.00 and fell in love!

Front View of the Denim Vest
I took my new purchase home and got to work. Using only scissors and bleach, I cut snipped, ripped, and distressed my long sleeve denim jacket into this vest! I didn't follow any particular method, I just kept working with it until it looked right. To get the multi-colored denim look I rolled up the jacket and soaked overnight in a solution of bleach and water. I poured extra bleach on top to add some lighter shades to the jacket. I'm quite happy with the outcome and hope to perfect the process for future denim repurposing projects!
Back View of the Vest


jasmine samoné said...

Adorable! Love it.


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