Back to the Basics

Happy Monday,
This was one of my favorite posts that I ever wrote. It is long winded, but it is honest and I still feel the same way. I wrote this exactly one year ago today. I needed to read this today. I really hope you like. IDK why I used the Alice in Wonderland posters. I think I just love the film and it was one of my favorite stories when I was younger. Wow I am old. So if you have time to read please do. 

If you know me, I am always saying I am trying to get back to the basics. Now, I am not a pusher for living in the past, but I noticed that before my college years I looked at things in a much more simple light. I feel like you get older and you over analyze everything, and that is saying a lot coming from me. I am the queen of over analyzing. I was in the past and I am now. I will admit, I know a lot more than I knew then but at the core of everything, even in our most intricate complexities, lies a simplistic explanation. That is what I mean when I say I am going back to the basics. I can’t tell you how many nights of sleep I missed out on over analyzing a situation. The answer to a lot of our questions are often very simple and equally insignificant, in the grand scheme of things.

I am working on having a simplistic out look on life. You are nice to me, then I am nice to you. You hurt me, well I don’t like you anymore. You don’ t like me but you still say, ”hi?” Well, "salutations to you, as well."  "Oh you care only about you?"  "Well, I love me too." You are focused on making yourself happy? Well, me too. You don’t bother me. I won’t bother you.

Going back to the basics for me just means focusing on me and my dreams and my goals. Get in where you fit in. I am still a servant to my community. I am still that friend you need me to be, but I will not partake in any drama. I am too OLD. Twenty two years too old. The sad part is, I had that doctrine down to a “T” when I was younger. Gossip? I wouldn’t partake. You didn’t like me? Well that sounds an awful lot like a personal problem to me. You get to college, you get involved, you even find a church that has the same belief : That if you have a problem with someone, you should talk it out. Nope that is where “Back to the Basics” comes in. You don’t like me? Ok everyone that meets me isn’t going to.

"So and so said this about you." Oh that’s unfortunate, they never said anything to me. People talk, what are you going to do? Focus on yourself. That level of self-involvement will still offend people. However, let’s be honest, someone who is offended by you taking care of you has the self -esteem of a gerbil, and they should retire to the little exercise wheel that those rodents are familiar with.
Back to the Basics.!!!

You have dreams waiting to be manifested into reality. You have obstacles that you are designed to conquer. That is a pressing agenda, which has no room for jealousy, insecurities, drama and false friendships. 


Get Back to the Basics. Get consumed by your dreams. Be vain, and surround yourself with people who love you. No more of those people you call “friend,” who talk about you. Be selfish, and surround yourself with positivity. Be arrogant, and actually believe in yourself.

Allowing the actions or behavior of others to dictate my happiness, or even worse my perception of myself has been all to prevalent in my life these past four years. However, that is not how it is suppose to be. My happiness and my self-awareness is not contingent upon anyone else. Nor is it in the midst of the complexities of someone else’s issues. It lies simply with me, well really with God, but you know what I mean. It’s me and him, no one else.
Back to the Basics is all about you. Like whatever you like, whomever you like and get caught up in you, not drama. 

I hope you liked


W. L. Johnson said...


You have finally gone back to the roots of who you are and wrote something so well put that it is BASICALLY perfect, much like the UOM I know and want everyone to see. I am looking forward to more great works and words of wisdom.

Heading back to my roots aka basics,


Inquiring Mind said...

Awwwww Thank you Whit!!! I appreciate that!!LOL

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