My Stroll Down Memory Lane......Bitten

So today was an interesting day. I felt horrible for most of it, but despite all that it is important to keep moving. The more I thought about planning out my next venture, I couldn't stop my mind from wandering back to the past. I miss the days of simplicity. What is it about old age that makes us forget everything and complicate anything? Anyway,  as I thought about how simple things were for me in the past, I thought about a few of things that use to make me happy. Sarah Jessica Parker, the fashion icon for all fashion loving writers, had a line that most may have forgotten. The line was called Bitten and I still wear some of the pieces today.

I wanted to include a few pictures of items that I do have from the line. The jacket, from my prairie look fashion diary, was from Bitten and I was over the moon when I got the dress from Project Runway. I loved the concept behind the line. The idea that fashion is for everyone really spoke to me.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll with me.


Teresa: Life and Style said...

OMG! I remember Bitten! I used to go to Steve and Barry's and check out the new stuff all the time, it was all really cute, classic stuff.

xo Teresa

Brianti said...

Don't even remind me! I never got to buy anything because I grew up in nowhere and the closest Steve and Barry was like 5 hours away.

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