I spy with my eye: Hot Designs

Photo is from The Fashion Bomb Blog

So what is in style????????

That is the million- dollar question on everyone’s head at all times. Well, take it from me, I love fashion. Clothes, accessories, shoes and purses, they’re all my drug of choice (call me a druggie and I will answer). So what is in style? What items must you have that every one is talking about? WHO CARES!!!!

I buy what I like and with me it is all about effortless style and versatility. I tend to buy what everyone else isn’t wearing because at the end of the day, I am a little girl who doesn’t know how to share. I want it for myself and I don’t want to see 20 other girls with what I have on. So my advice for all the fashionistas out there: Fashion was not created by a bunch of people following suit. Fashion was created by the trend -setters which one are you?

Anywho, there is this designer that makes my heart smile, and makes me feel all kinds of ways on the inside. Mus by Mali Ro. I found some stuff about the designer on Clutch magazine and being that I didn’t want to post a really old link came across the Fashion Bomb Blog and saw the designer’s stuff again. If I had to describe it I would say upscale American Apparel. Thoughts? Check the stuff out. Also, isn’t the model a CUTIE!!!! I think YES!!!

Photos are can also be seen at the Fashion Bomb Blog. You can also find a nifty little interview with the designer on Clutch magazine!!!

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