What is my style: They say I am a dreamer....but I am not the only one

So I took a quiz today about my style. I was bored and I generally don't have too much faith in quizzes but this seemed to be spot on!! So I just thought I would share, being that sometimes people find it hard to attempt to describe my style this is the basics of it.

You Are Romantic
Things aren't worth much to you unless they have some personal meaning or a foothold in the past. For you, objects in the material world have a spirit that they carry with them, so you gravitate towards vintage clothing and jewelery. You are very sensual and feminine, and the way things feel is as important to you as how they look. You're not particularly interested in current styles because your reference points are timeless, but when you think of trends, you tend to think in terms of century rather than season. You often have a signature color or hairstyle that you're loyal to, and perhaps even known for. You are a dreamer, and you often think of clothing as a costume.

Style role models include Winona Ryder, Nicole Kidman and Helena Bonham Carter.

Read more: What's My Style? http://quiz.ivillage.co.uk/cgi-bin/uk_beauty/tests/mystyle.pl#ixzz0v1uKddPW


W. L. Johnson said...

Very accurate about your style and it did so in better terms than I ever have. I think that I should take this quiz...drop me a link to take it please if you haven't posted it already that would be appreciated.


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