Lil Kim Talks about Nicki

LIL Kim called out Nicki Minaj again

So in a recent interview with AOL’s Black Voices, LiL Kim talked about the origins of her beef with Nicki Minaj.

It was a really entertaining read. When I think about my dream interview, it goes a lot like this interview did with Black Voices. Kim called Nicki out on a lot more than just wearing colored wigs and not wanting to give props on where she got her sense of style. She even went in on the girl’s, excuse me, woman’s age. Here is an excerpt from the interview. The entire interview can be found on AOL in the Black Voices section.

"See that's the problem, why don't we just be real here and go back to a year and a half ago when she was just busting shots out of every place when she said in one of her interviews,

'Oh, you know I'm going to sit by the pool and have the females in the game who's been here for 10 years feeding me grapes, being that they don't have nothing else to do right now.'

“Oh yeah, bitch. I remember that! I remember that, I'm not going to forget it! Because at the end of the day, how dare you disrespect me or any other female that's been in this industry for so long. She's the same dag on age as us. Stop it! You coming in the game at 30 years old, don't even freakin' go there, don't go there."

What was that, a clean KO? I think so. Sad part is, I like Nicki and I hate to see this happen to her, but when you hear some of the quotes that she has the gumption to say, it makes you want to like her a little less. I am a huge fan of arrogance I aspire to be there. Trust and believe though when I am there, I won’t just be arriving to the party demanding every person’s crown in the building.

I feel like rappers like Keys (YOUTUBE this child if you don’t know who she is) and numerous underground artists have demonstrated that anyone can write a clever rap. Then there are rappers like Nicki who have shown us that to be mainstreamed is an entirely different animal. My point is, Nicki is hot right now. How long will that last? I think a lot of this, “you can pick my fruit out” jive should come when you are like IDK a couple years strong in the mainstream media and not all of the 15 seconds that she has claimed. I feel that the people who have stayed around like Kim, Eve down to the Queen and MC Lyte to name a very fair few, and I am sorry to leave off anyone else (I have no problem pleading ignorance), have allowed their talent to speak for it self. (I say those names because I have seen them turn their careers into so much more than just one trick/ talent whatever you want to call it) Those women have come and gone out of mainstream media. There a lot of women that I respect but that is all that is coming to mind right now.

We know Nicki is beautiful. We know the style is different from what has been out in the past 7 or 8 years. We know the rap style is unique. She has a lot of clever raps. I would rather she sell that to me and let her lyrics set her a part from the women that have come before her, as opposed to her telling everyone.

The rest of the interview was really interesting. I wonder if anyone else feels that Nicki isn’t paying respect to the women who have made it possible for her to get her foot in the door? I may be young but I do feel that Kim is pioneer of ushering in the sexy rapper image. Correct me if I am wrong because, I have no shame in admitting that I know only what BET and MTV and the BOX (when it was around) showed me.

Love them all just want to see them get along. It is not like there are a bunch of female rappers out there anyway!!!

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M.Will said...

I think the fact that Kim is demanding that Nicki give her credit is a clear sign of the state of her career. If every rapper had to make a reference to every rapper that came before them that influenced their style, they would have to make an entire album dedicated to just that. We all know that Lil Kim made the overly sexual female rapper popular. But Nicki isn't the first to take that concept & run with it. She's just the first to make it big doing so.And the fact that Kim brings up a quote Nicki made about female rappers & she's the only one taking offense to it also shows a lot. Kim could have been the furthest thing from her mind in making that statement. She took it upon herself to personalize it. A sign of her insecurity because she's no longer relevant & fears being overshadowed.

Daniella D. said...
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Daniella D. said...

Female rappers are very territorial. When a new one step in the game, they always feel like some sort of "respect" is owed to them and hold animosity towards the new rapper. The Foxy Brown beef against Jackie O is just an example.

Inquiring Mind said...

I hear what you are saying, but point blank it is disrespectful to say that you are going to have the women who made it before you, serving you. That is my opinion. I don't even think Kim went out of her to be like thank you Queen and everyone else but she wasn't making jabs at them either..... Did you read the rest of the interview because I don't know if it was insecurity as much as it could be she just doesn't like her. Plus she is kinda getting rich off of Kim's formula while saying she emulates Foxy, who is a rival of Kim. Just saying.

M.Will said...

I've read a lot of things that she has said. The thing is though, Nicki has said in the past that she is grateful for the females that came before her. As far as the remark about them serving her, as much as Nicki owes Kim for "paving the way," Kim wouldn't even still be relevant if not for the fact that Nicki is. That's why you don't see rappers like Jay-Z demanding young rappers pay homage bc he's relevant on his own. Kim feels she's owed respect bc she feels threatened. That's when rappers go on the defense. The fact that she wears the wigs & purposely imitated a classic Kim pose is enough of a show of respect as far as I'm concerned. She doesn't have to mention her by name. And let's be perfectly honest, beyond the sex appeal crazy costumes & wigs, lyrically there is no comparison. Not the mention Nicki actually writes her stuff. So it's not like she necessarily needs all that to be successful like Kim did.

Inquiring Mind said...

We will agree to disagree, but as far as I know Kim writes her own stuff. She always has. A lot of people thought that she didn't write her stuff back in the day but she did. (Heard that on "La Bella Mafia," which I feel was like her best album most won't agree). My thing I don't think it is really about paying homage and saying thank you but Nicki is following the same road map that Kim created. She is coming out apart of a group, she sells sex and rocks colored wigs. I am sorry, secure or insecure, if it were me, and some new person came out claiming to have the people who have come before her, serving her, but was imitating me, I would be annoyed to.

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