New Beginnings: The life of an editorial intern at Sister 2 Sister magazine

So, I am in my second week at my internship. I love it. It is an amazing opportunity. Prayers are always welcome. My everyday responsibilities include: writing a few articles (thank ya Jesus), transcribing interviews and letters to the editor, clerical work (telephone, mail, etc), writing up interview questions and doing research and whatever else I am told to do. I am really happy about the opportunity and I am learning a lot about interviews, editing and just the magazine world. The plan Stan is to learn as much as I can, while I am here. So with that said, I will have updates about life in the D.C./ Maryland area. I hope you enjoy the reads.

I haven't taken any pictures yet,(booooo bad journalist), but I will. I promise. I am going to try to figure out how to post the little mini-articles I have written on here as well! The funny thing about it is EVERYONE who knows me has been so supportive. I really appreciate it. I have had a rough year and this experience and support has been a wonderful remedy. What I really love are the late night text messages from none other than my mom, we will call her B.Sams, about what I should write about the next day. I definitely want to talk about the entire atmosphere of D.C. though. It is very different than what I am use to. Hopefully this weekend I can take a few pics and post them online to document the entire experience. Also your girl is close to Howard LOL enough said!!! They really do have a beautiful campus. I will take some pictures of that too.

My next post on New Beginnings should have lots of pictures of D.C. and Maryland and a description of my day. I am just saying that as a reminder to myself. Highlights thus far? I got to speak to t
he owner of the magazine Jamie Brown and she is really nice. Deitrick Haddon called the office and I wrote up some questions for some upcoming interviews!!!


W. L. Johnson said...

Hello UOM,

I am happy to see that you are finally in your element and that no one is there to bring you down or act like you are not good enough. You continue to prosper and take everything to new heights. I can't wait to see your new articles and post.

Love your UOMee,

PS. I think I need an editor for my blog and book.... ;-)

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