Fashion Diary/ Editor's Journal: Monday Escape

Hello folks,
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and mother's day. I think my brothers and I did a good job giving my mother a few of her favorite things for the special day.

Editor's Note
I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed. I guess it comes with the territory. I have resolved that I have to get back to the simplicity of things. I am working for me! So why not make it fun. If I can have a moment of complete honesty , I will admit that confidence has been my biggest hurdle to jump. The crippling thoughts of whether or not I can succeed often make me my worst and most effective enemy. So my personal outlook is something that I am working on during my 90-Day-Prosperity Challenge. I am working on my mind, body and soul. I will do a post on the books I will be reading during this challenge.

Fashion Diary
So I decided to meet up with latest addition to the magazine, Milove, to snap a few pics of one of my favorite places in South Florida, Mizner Park.

Milove has the best shoes and accessories courtesy of Fashion Footware, which is a boutique that I am in love with that is located in Deerfield Beach. Her blouse is also from the store as well.  

Currently reading Joel Osteen's book on how to be happy. This is just one of the books that I am reading as part of the 90-Day- Prosperity Challenge. The other two books are for journaling and note taking for Worthy Magazine.

My shades and accessories also came from the store that Milove works at. My boots were a gift from my Aunty and my top and leggings are from H&M. I am rocking my Riri Woo lipstick and I never leave home without Cambridge Satchel that my big bro got for me. 

XOXO Hope you like 
Ju'lia Samuels 


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Love the location and the fashion. Thank you for sharing....

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