Journalism Diary Looking Back

It's so interesting how you always hear people say don't look back at the past. I know that the saying is geared more towards warning us not to live in the past but sometimes I think reflecting on the past can give us hope for the future. I remember graduating from UF uncertain but hoping to secure a job in journalism. I remember breaking down the closer I got graduation as reality sunk in that there was no way to be 100 percent prepared for the uncertainties of the future. I remember just being grateful to secure any kind of a job and starting Worthy Magazine out of a sheer need to cling to everything that I thought I learned at UF, and a genuine belief that there was a place for a multicultural publication giving a voice to misunderstood generation. To say that I was hopeful about my future in journalism would be giving me too much credit. Never the less, I worked at a local elementary school part time and came home and tried my best to pour myself into Worthy. It slowly evolved into developing PR connects around the world and acquiring contributors from around the world as well. So when I think about where I was just two years ago, I can say that I feel encouraged about my future and hopeful that things will get better for me. 

One of the toughest pills to swallow about the real world is that it is very rare to see someone EXACTLY where they want to be in life. I can honestly say that I am no exception. I am no where near where I thought I would be or where I hoped I would be. But never the less, I am grateful for where I am because it's better than where I use to be. So here is my look back on this past year. I hope you enjoy it. I only posted a few pictures there were a lot of memorable moments (H&M opening which I covered for both Worthy Magazine and The Miami Times- UNFORGETTABLE). However, I just tried to showcase a few highlights. 

Perry Ellis Fashion Show that I got to cover at the last minute. I ended up giving this story to my old section at The Miami Times

Vanity Fair Party during Art Basel that I attended courtesy of my friend Johanne Cadet.

Amazing Charity Event at The Viceroy Hotel during Art Basel. I also included this in my old section at The Miami Times.

Fashion Night Out. I interviewed Julissa Bermudez for The Miami Times and Worthy Magazine.

Absolut event for Solange Knowles. I covered this for Worthy Magazine. 

Absolut event 

Another pic from Absolut event - all pics for the absolut event were sent over from World Red Eye
This was one of the perks of my old job at the Miami Times. I got to meet Alfre Woodard. She is hilarious on True Blood.
The best perk was attending Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week. I actually interviewed Vanessa Simmons spoke with the amazing Angela and I interviewed the featured designer for the week, Vitamin- A.
I actually got to sit front row. It was amazing!!! 
Being featured in Gold Coast Magazine as a 2013 Best Catch was amazing!!! It was so cool to get publicity for Worthy Magazine Media LLC. Brian Atwood Shoes (Hellooooooooo)

I was beyond honored to interview Ted Gibson during his makeover giveaway for Worthy Magazine.

 I still have a long way to go. But the moral of the story is that this time last year I would have never thought that I would have met the people that I have met or seen the places I have seen. So it's with that knowledge that I move towards the future trusting that things will only get better. The scary thing is that out of all the routes I thought I would take in life, starting my own company right out of college would not have been my immediate thought. I did hope for it in the future but I never even dreamed of jumping head first into my dreams. But here I am. Going after my dreams doesn't allow me to be the shy often insecure person I naturally am. So I guess you could say there was no other route for me to take. This is what needed to happen for me to change.

So while our current situation may not make sense right now, I can honestly say looking back has shown me there was a purpose for the darkness and disappointments that forced me to believe in myself and dare to dream.

XOXO - be encouraged. 


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