How to Rescue Me

I find that I get I get lost in thoughts about life itself #

The cascading effects of obstacles

Make it difficult for me to move in stealth

My greatest fear has always been that you knew and could read the fears written on my face

After all this time of crouching low to the ground, my body aches

This is more than I agreed to take

After a decade of hiding, I must admit that I am tired of trying

I have no energy left to please you

I have no more savvy

to forcibly humble myself to praise you!

My acceptance of your problems

And my decision to go on a conquest to rescue you

has left me


with no canoe

You weren’t even kind enough to leave me a rescue tube.

I am left to build myself up on bottomless seas

When if you had asked, I would have given you the last breath of air that I breathed

It’s funny how people always lecture you to be kind to others but never to yourself

It’s a problem that I don’ t know how to properly congratulate myself -

Why the most difficult thing to hear is a compliment

Even more unfortunate, if eyes rest upon me

I begin to shift

It has become hard to believe in myself

I realize now

In learning how to save the world

I never learned how to love myself

And lets be honest, how valuable can I really be

when I don’t even know how to rescue me?


W. L. Johnson said...

I like this a lot and it makes a lot of sense. I think that at one point or another everyone can relate to this and if someone said that they could not I think that they would be lying to themselves more than to anyone else.
Rescue yourself and love yourself in order to know the true meaning of loving and rescuing someone else.

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