Fashion Diary: My Go To Accessories

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I have a few pieces that I am attached to. I thought I should post pictures of them. The necklaces up top came from For Love 21. The necklace on the far right (black and gold) I got at the Alachua county flea market. My friend just randomly took me there and I had a lot of fun and great eats too. The necklace from the flea market was $2, I think. I remember doing a happy dance back to my car. The other necklaces were like $8 or $10. They are great buys. I wear them all the time

These are my go to play play pearls. I never like to wear normal pearls. If they do happen to look normal I wear the multiple strand ones. At any rate they have to be weird some how- lace, purple ribbons -something. The purple pearls I got from Steve and Barry when it was around. They are from Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker's line when it was out (needs to come back.)

The big golden- white pearls have made an appearance in my ode to Jackie, Michelle and Audrey. They are from Nordstroms.

The pearls with the pink stone were a gift from my mommy

The long laced pearls came from Target years ago.

Yes! I do wear brooches!! They were a gift from my mom.
The earrings were also a birthday present, from my friend. Her name is Herisa she is a boss!!! She got them from Paris.
Watch (I have too many. Therefore I have to have a go to watch) from Nordstroms
Silver bracelet came from Target
The rest of the bracelets were gifts.


SAMANTHA said...

beautiful accessories! you have a lovely collection!


Inquiring Mind said...

Awww thank you!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Funky FraƮche said...

wow... these are some really cool it <3


Love, L

Inquiring Mind said...

Thanks !! Will do-)

minnja said...

Looooove it:)


Inquiring Mind said...

Thank you so much!!!

Raya said...

amazing jewelries!:)))

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Amazing. x hivennn. p.s enter my jeffrey campbell giveaway?

Inquiring Mind said...

Thank you guys so much!!! =)

Inquiring Mind said...

Will do Jazzy E!! Thanks

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