I have friends who blog ......

I stole her picture
I stole her picture

This is Ayana or YAYA. She is kinda cool. She is like a vegan and all healthy and stuff and a nerd but she has been one of my closest friends during some really difficult times for me. So yeah, she is like partially awesome. The only reason it's partial is because she didn't listen to me for a while when I said she has great style.

You know how intellectuals are, always saying "oh let me think." However, after some time of lecturing, from me. She has given in. I take great pride in personal victories that allow me to say I have infected someone with a love of fashion. Her blog is awesome, this post is awesome and so is she!!! Check her blog out, Urban Flower Child


W. L. Johnson said...

So where is my shout out!

I will do it myself lol
I blog also. And Ayana has an amazing blog aka A MUST READ!

Inquiring Mind said...

WOWWWWW I plan on shouting you out!!!

YaYa said...

LOVE this boo!!!!

Inquiring Mind said...

No problem !!!! Thanks for the shout out on your blog!!!

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