The Game My Review

I know I am late but........ I had to do it. When news hit that BET brought back the show that we all know and love I was excited. I was practically counting down the days to the premiere and to be honest I was pleased with the show. I don't know the ins and outs of the show but I am assuming that they had different writers and I think they picked up nicely.

I only had a few complaints compared to the fans of the show who lighted Twitter up with complaints. The only thing that could make me nod my head quietly as I listen to complaints about the show is that BET had to sneak some BET into the mix. Terrance did not need to be on the show. I love Terrance. I think he is adorable. I am not opposed to him making an appearance on the show but as Tasha Mack's main squeeze ...........NO. Who ever Tasha messes with, they need to look like they can take her son on in a fight. I had my moments of asking where is Stacy Dash? Where is Vanessa Williams' ex? But I am one of those people ...... I believe in supporting. I watch anything with a person of color in it. I know that may seem mean or childish according to some standards but how will Hollywood know to keep giving people of color a shot if we don't come out and support them? I watched the premiere of The Cape because it had a man of color. I watch Southland for Regina King. I watch NCIS for LL Cool J. I will watch it all and I encourage you to do the same. In the midst of that we can count on one hand all the shows with an all black cast and The Game is one of them. I guess what I am saying is give the show a chance.

Yeah Tasha's son is being evil. Yeah Kelly has lost her mind and may be in the poor house before she can say "give me another black man," but still give it a chance. Hopefully the writers are reading the reviews and they are getting the input that a little too much of BET (drama) was injected into a show that is already laced with drama.

Other than that I am happy and grateful that people not just people of color were able to rally for a show with a Predominately black cast to come back.

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SLGreenJr said...

same writers, same directors as when it was on CW

Inquiring Mind said...

I heard that the executive producers and the creator stayed the same I didn't know if they were using the same writers.

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