Fashion Diary: Prairie Chic hanging with friends

So I love the whole prairie chic trend!! So when I got to hang out with some friends!! Whitney her beau, Malcolm, and Yaya we decided to take some pictures!! I got the idea of my prairie chic motif from Jaye magazine the February issue.Oh I cut my hair off!!! It's short but I like it!! I love bangs. =)

Love Culture Skirt. Old Navy Shirt. Bitten (Sarah Jessica Parker)Jacket. Go to accessories (horn-necklace I left it out in that post!! It was a gift from David Michael when we were in high school together. Boots were a present from my friend!!! Play play glasses were a gift from my friend Anne Marie she has great style she needs a blog. The glasses came from Walmart!!!

Whitney's boots were boss!!!

Yaya looked like a cutie!! Don't tell her I said that!!


W. L. Johnson said...

I love you! And of course you got one of the few photos that made my butt look bigger than Pinky...smh I LOVE YOU FOR THAT lol

Inquiring Mind said...

lol LOve you too!!

pretty haute said...

cute skirt, Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I hope it becomes one of your new Daily reads :)

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