What I like about you!!!

So I have this friend named Whitney. She is amazing. I like to blog about everything. That includes friends, fashion, food and anything that pops into my young and impulsive mind. Recently I hung out with her and my other favorite person Yaya!! Pics in the next post. We had a great time. Whitney has been there for me when everyone around me seemed to be against me. She is supportive, loyal and beautiful. What I love about her is how she changed over the years especially in terms of fashion. So here is my love letter to her from my heart sealed with a kiss and sweet words. You are amazing little lady and you brighten up a lot of people's lives!!! How many of us have them? FRIENDS!!!

Check her blog out!!! She blogs about a lot of different things!! I really enjoy it!!! I love hearing the opinions of others!! It's the journalist in me.


W. L. Johnson said...

I love you so much and this is amazing! You captured me from beginning to end and even included my love! Thank you

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