New Find!


This can be a very dangerous thing. I have to thank Toni-ann for this new site!!! I found out about it through her post. It's an amazing site called Polyvore. I love it!!! This is my first try at it.

CoCo by juju10 featuring a ruched blouse

Fashion Diary: Prairie Chic hanging with friends

So I love the whole prairie chic trend!! So when I got to hang out with some friends!! Whitney her beau, Malcolm, and Yaya we decided to take some pictures!! I got the idea of my prairie chic motif from Jaye magazine the February issue.Oh I cut my hair off!!! It's short but I like it!! I love bangs. =)

Love Culture Skirt. Old Navy Shirt. Bitten (Sarah Jessica Parker)Jacket. Go to accessories (horn-necklace I left it out in that post!! It was a gift from David Michael when we were in high school together. Boots were a present from my friend!!! Play play glasses were a gift from my friend Anne Marie she has great style she needs a blog. The glasses came from Walmart!!!

Whitney's boots were boss!!!

Yaya looked like a cutie!! Don't tell her I said that!!

What I like about you!!!

So I have this friend named Whitney. She is amazing. I like to blog about everything. That includes friends, fashion, food and anything that pops into my young and impulsive mind. Recently I hung out with her and my other favorite person Yaya!! Pics in the next post. We had a great time. Whitney has been there for me when everyone around me seemed to be against me. She is supportive, loyal and beautiful. What I love about her is how she changed over the years especially in terms of fashion. So here is my love letter to her from my heart sealed with a kiss and sweet words. You are amazing little lady and you brighten up a lot of people's lives!!! How many of us have them? FRIENDS!!!

Check her blog out!!! She blogs about a lot of different things!! I really enjoy it!!! I love hearing the opinions of others!! It's the journalist in me.

Fashion Diary: I am an 80s Baby

So when I was little, I loved the way adults dressed in the late 80s and early 90s. The blazers the big glasses. OMG the leather skirts the belts with the studs oh, oh, and there were spikes on everything. I was too young to dress like this. So I had to wait it out. I thought my mother was lying when she said that I would be able to dress like that one day. The accessory that I would sneak into my mom's room to take was her messenger bag. Well to solidify my old age ALL of that is in style now. So today I got to wear my bright pink blazer- the skirt made an appearance in my "classic look." The suit was present from my grandmother. She found it at a thrift store. My white top came from an outlet mall. I got it for $3 that day. I think the store was called Love Culture. Killah jeans (not on sale but worth it.) And boots were gifted from my mother. Go to necklace: present. Go to earrings were a present from Herisa. Gold necklace that I wore as a bracelet was also a gift from my mother!!!

When I was a little girl, I use to pretend that I needed glasses..............................

Now I do. These are my reading glasses. I am reduced to wearing these until I get my real glasses. Gifts of old age.

Classic Love

These are just two women that I really liked!!! I feel like their classic beauty still influences most young women today!!

The Fresh Xpress: The Five Best President Obama Magazine Covers

I am huge fan of The Fresh xpress and I am very happy to be able blog for them. Whatever your views are, I think that this is a fun read from yours truly. Be sure to check the site out

Kerry Washington

She is like my favorite person!!!! Well, in most ways. She looks great on the cover of Capitol File Magazine. I saw this post on Coco and Creme

Check them out!!